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Workington ECU Remapping, Engine Tuning DPF Removal and EGR Delete: Questions & Answers:

An engine control unit (ECU), is also known as a PCM (powertrain control module). This is an electronic control unit, which controls actuators on an internal combustion engine to help the engine run at optimum.

ECU remapping is a tuning procedure of the engine, that allows several manufacturer constraints to be lifted from the vehicle. Sound confusing, click here for more information on what ecu remapping is & why these limitations are placed by vehicle manufacturers.

This is a very common question that we get asked. The answer is very simple, the factory could have remapped your car, however they choose not to for many reasons, the most important is marketing. Cars are manufactured to fit into a market category and there is certain criteria for make & model categories and the car’s ECU is mapped to fit into these categories. It also allows for a enough power separation between various models. Manufacturers will also produce two identical cars with identical engines, then simply offer the car in two states of tune, this is a very economical way of extending a model range. Examples of such cars include the BMW Mini One and the BMW Mini Cooper, another example is the VW Golf Tdi 104BHP and the Golf TDi 140bhp.

We always remap with consideration for the engine and never exceed the engine’s limits.

Yes, as we have our own in house map writers we can gear our maps to our customers’ requirements, whether that be for economy, all out power or for towing purposes.

No, we map the ECU to optimise the performance without exceeding your engine’s limits.

We can always return your car to standard should you ever need it to.

Normally on most modern cars we can reprogram the ECU through the car’s OBD port

On most cars the brakes can easily handle the extra power. However, should you want to upgrade your brakes we can advise & supply upgraded pads, discs and calipers.

We remap all makes and models. If you can’t find the car make or car model you are looking for, please don’t be disheartened. Give us a call and we will definitely be able to find you a solution for your car. The following makes are just a few of the ones we remap: Alfa Romeo ECU Remapping, Audi ECU Remapping, BMW ECU Remapping, Ford ECU Remapping, Honda ECU Remapping, Land Rover ECU Remapping, Skoda ECU Remapping, Volkswagen VW ECU Remapping and many more. Click here for a full list of our ECU Remapping range.

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All of our software, programming and tuning services are designed and built in-house and are designed to enhance your vehicle and bring out it’s pure & true performance potential.

Why choose Workington Chiptuning & ECU Remapping Services

Click here to view the potential gains & changes you can expect with one of our expert ECU Tuning / ECU Remapping services.

Unit 1, 322, Moss Bay Rd, Workington, CA14 5AF

01900 63413

Increase Fuel Economy

Increase Fuel Economy & Reduce Fuel Bills By 20%

Tired of excessive fuel costs? Our Economy Remapping will provide your vehicle with increased power & torque.

Economy ECU Remapping
Petrol Performance

Petrol Performance ECU Remapping & Engine Tuning

Petrol ECU Remaps & Petrol Tuning for turbo petrol engines and non-turbo engines. Click below for more info…

Petrol ECU Tuning
Increase Power, BHP & Performance

Increase Power, BHP & Performance By Up To 30%

Our Performance Remaps will help increase power, performance and torque where it matters! Click below…

Performance ECU Remapping
Diesel Performance

Diesel Performance ECU Remapping & Engine Tuning

Diesel Engine Tuning & Diesel Engine Tuning for turbo diesel engines. Economy and Performance Remaps.

Diesel ECU Tuning
Smoother & Better Power Delivery

Smoother & Better Power Delivery For All Vehicles

Once your vehicle’s been remapped the transformation in bhp, power, performance and torque is massive.

Remapping Services
DPF Removal, EGR Removal and DPF Deletion

DPF Removal, EGR Removal and DPF Deletion

DPF Removal, DPF Deletion & EGR Removal. All covered by the most reputable tuning firm. Click below…

DPF Error Removal
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